What Are Some Fun Facts about Jordan Sneakers?

Michael Jordan is arguably one of the if not the greatest basketball players in the history of the NBA, and it is equally fitting that his signature Air Jordans had a significant impact on the shoe industry. 

The Air Jordans have been dominant in sneakers since they debuted in 1985. The Metallic Purple Jordan 4 is an exciting pair of Jordans with its bright colorways and white leather uppercase. If you are a fan of sneakers, this article will highlight four interesting facts regarding Jordans. 

Facts About Jordans Sneakers

Some interesting facts about the Jordan sneakers are as follows:

  • They are the highest-selling pair of shoes.

Air Jordan holds the record for the most costly pair of sneakers ever sold. In 2020, Sotheby’s auctioned off a pair of the original Air Jordan 1s worn and signed by Michael Jordan.

The specific auction happened when the Last Dance docuseries was going on, and the show recorded Michael Jordan’s career and examined his shoes. These helped increase the auction price, and the final price soared up to $560,000.

  • The iconic logo arrived later. 

If you have ever laced up a pair of Jordan sneakers, you will identify the Jordan logo, and the outline of the legendary NBA star soaring through the air is similar to his shoes.

But this was not always the Air Jordans logo; the initial edition featured the Nike swoosh, and the second showed plain walls. They did not use the “Jumpman” symbol before the Air Jordan III came. 

  • The NBA banned the first Air Jordans. 

It might feel strange that the NBA did not allow its most famous star to wear his shoes. But this was the decision that the NBA took, and now before you purchase the Metallic Purple Jordan 4, you already know this fact.

The shoe first came out in 1985. At that time, the NBA followed a strict uniform policy. The black and red Air Jordans could not comply with this policy. Michael had to cough up a fine of $5000 each time he wore those sneakers in court. 

  •  Michael Jordan’s agent coined the name of the sneakers. 

Earlier, Michael Jordan did not even want to sign up with Nike, and he wanted to sign a deal with Adidas. But David Falk, Jordan’s agent, discussed the issue with Michael’s parents and convinced him to meet with Nike. 

Nike landed Michael Jordan, and Falk gave the idea for the shoe’s name known as “Air Jordan.” The term combined both the name of MJ and the tech of Nike. 

Final Words 

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