SEC Focus on Communication Compliance

Communicating is never the same for various organizations all over the globe, with the never-ending development of technologies designed for digital communication. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, tools designed for modern communication such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams have been a significant part of every organization while in remote collaboration. This has also raised the demand for instant message archiving and messaging solutions like WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal and their respective archivers as the need for easy access to communication with remote workers grew. 

The importance of digital communication technologies continues to grow even in regulated firms, and SEC and FINRA have decided to amend all their existing rules and implement a new set of regulations regarding hybrid working model provisions. With the new set of regulations enforced, regulatory bodies count on registered firms to follow and implement each rule by expanding the existing efforts for technologies designed for modern digital communication. However, despite the strict rules carried out by the regulatory bodies still, some organizations still fail to extend their efforts. 

On the other hand, as the main USA regulatory body aiming to protect security market investors, the SEC conducts a periodic sweep regularly, intending to collect information regarding suspected firms having trouble meeting their requirements. The SEC has also expedited its enforcement activities to ensure every firm will have its monitoring and archiving systems on point for every business-related communication.  Not being able to submit to the record-keeping rules will automatically be subjected to substantial monetary and non-monetary penalties. SEC also stated in their regulations that financial firms must also highlight the importance of compliance with broker-dealer record-keeping without corrupting their workforce’s privacy.

Explore and learn more about SEC focusing on communication compliance and how WhatsApp FINRA regulations gets involved in recording mobile messages as you read on with the infographic we have from TeleMessage. 

sec communication compliance


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