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Have you ever stopped in front of a jewelry store window and admired its contents? The goldsmith’s work, the creativity, the imagination that certain pieces give off. Still, wearing very little jewelry for you. Well this article aims to change your mind. From Alexander Sparks you can get the best varieties now.

Jewelry and Men

Men’s jewelry hasn’t always been taboo. History testifies to a certain infatuation of the male sex for ornaments and adornments, sometimes even more demonstrative than among women. Everywhere and for a long time, from Antiquity to the Renaissance, through the Middle Ages, men wore jewelry sometimes very conspicuous to assert their social status with their peers.

Looking Back In the History

In ancient Egypt, all men wore jewelry. The most modest were satisfied with small amulets while the richest wore voluminous ornaments on the chest, rings sometimes several on each finger or cuffs in gold and various precious stones turquoises from Sinai, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.

The Romans, less extravagant, however, used to wear rings, breastplates and precious necklaces. Some jewelry could signify a military affiliation.

From the middle Ages to the Renaissance, each period was marked by a particular practice of ornamentation, both for men and women. Byzantine influence had the effect of popularizing the most sumptuous adornments for those who could afford them. However, it was customary to wear jewelry on clothes rather than on oneself. This period saw the democratization of the staple, also called fermail, a kind of brooch used to hold the two sides of the cape or coat.

Depending on the period, they represented flowers, animals or even mottos or coats of arms. If the most powerful ecclesiastical castes always had the habit of wearing jewelry (large gold crosses, various hierarchical rings), the laity as for them followed the fashion of the time, often dictated by royalty.

Certain rulers like Louis IX (very pious, also known under the name of Saint Louis) were quite reluctant to all forms of pomp, while other kings, like Charles VI were much more fond of this kind of frivolity.

India is another striking example of a culture that has emphasized the wearing of jewelry by men. Indeed, the jewelry sector flourished there from the 14th century, at the time of the Great Mughals who personally financed this economy. These creations are among the most successful at the time, India enjoying a particular know-how in the matter as well as deposits favorable to the production of luxurious jewelry.

The emperors and the local nobility adorn themselves with decorations of turban, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other ornaments in gold and precious stones. The 19th century and the advent of the British Raj (the establishment of the British colonial regime) will be a second period of great splendor in Indian fine jewelry. The Indian princes, stripped of all power, will continue to assert their influence through ever more sumptuous ornaments, mixing Indian tradition and Western influence. Extract from the film “La Parure” taken from the eponymous short story by Maupassant, telling the story of a couple going into debt for life after losing a river of diamonds borrowed on the occasion of a social evening.

At the time of the industrial revolution, jewelry will gradually disappear from male attributes. The height of machismo, we prefer to offer his wife luxurious pieces of jewelry to then expose his success and his fortune in society.

Synonymous with wealth and therefore power, jewelry has always had a strong social value. Even more, they were seen as mystical objects, most associated with magical powers or supposed esoteric properties. Whether it is the culture of the symbol or the power of stones, there are many beliefs linked to jewelry.

The Jewel for All

Are you wondering as to why men wore so little jewelry? Do you want to know the actual reason behind it? It is true that this does not have the same value as a representative sample of the population, but it can still yield some useful information.

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Answering the inquiry “why don’t you wear jewelry,” The most prevalent responses are too connotative, too feminine, too flamboyant, or worse, not suitable for me. As a response, it is straightforward but succinct. Does this imply that some guys are born with a desire to wear jewelry while others are not? The jewel is also connected with societal issues that are firmly ingrained in our minds, with imagery that is as ancient as it is out of date, and this is the case every time.

The gem, which is a symbol of power and prosperity, is extremely rare. It has been almost completely forbidden from men’s lockers for more over two centuries and is now designated for women since it is feminine and so has a sexual connotation. Wearing jewelry does not necessary imply that you are losing your virility, as demonstrated by Johnny Depp in this video.

However, these psychological obstacles are gradually being dismantled. Men’s interest in jewelry is seeing resurgence, and as traditional gender roles are being challenged, an increasing number of designers are entering the rapidly expanding market for men’s jewelry. And, believe it or not, this is a movement that is still in its early stages.

The Different Jewelry for Men

First of all, when it comes to jewelry, the only rule is that there is none or almost. That’s definitely not the result we’re looking for here. Of course, certain indications will eventually have to be observed to avoid turning into a real Christmas tree or a sad replica of Puff Daddy.

Jewelry is an accessory of no practical use. Their only interest therefore lies in what they say about you, about your personality. Wearing jewelry is choosing to express something special, deep. There is also no real fashion for jewelry. When there are a few currents, more often than not, they are exhausted to quickly become anachronistic or even out of date.

Can I Wear Several Pieces Of Jewelry At The Same Time?

Yes of course. A ring, a bracelet, a necklace, why not mixes everything together? It all depends on your style. A man who loves jewelry, with an assumed style will find it easier to stack bracelets on his wrist or to wear several rings on each hand. Just be careful never to overdo it, at the risk of no longer distinguishing any of your beautiful accessories as there are so many.

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