What is data visualization with examples?

Data visualization is the representation of information or data in a graph, chart, or another aesthetic format. It interacts relationships of the data with images. This is necessary because it enables fads as well as patterns to be more easily seen. With the surge of big information upon us, we require to be able to translate progressively bigger batches of information. Machine learning makes it easier to carry out evaluations such as anticipating analysis, which can then act as handy visualizations to offer. Yet information visualization is not just vital for data researchers as well as information experts, it is needed to comprehend device data visualization in any career. Whether you work in finance, advertising, as well as marketing, style, technology, or anything else, you require to envision information. That fact showcases the value of information visualization.

  • A Couple of Examples of Information Analysis

With so many details flying about, it’s not unexpected that data analytics has become such a vital location of proficiency. As services, governments as well as other organizations make their method in the globe, drive advancement, as well as look for to maintain a one-upmanship, information analytics is vital.

Also, a crucial part of this is data visualization. Standing for data graphically permits us to spot perform top-level analyses, new insights, as well as connect our searching for in a clear, concise means. It’s some art form, as well!

If you’re new to information visualization, have a look at the basic various information viz kinds. In this blog post, however, we’re going to indulge in a couple of visual delights with several of our preferred data viz instances.

Let’s start with the examples:

  • Picturing a zettabyte

As stated, humans developed around 59 zettabytes of information in 2020. Considering we only got to one zettabyte in the mid-2010s, this is an amazing quantity. As the globe becomes extra electronically linked, our rate of data manufacturing will only increase.

While 59 zettabytes are too huge for our weak human brains to comprehend, what concerning a solitary zettabyte? Can we picture that? One zettabyte is equivalent to sextillion bytes. 

Luckily, prior to the dawn of the so-called Zettabyte Period, worldwide IT company Cisco attempted to picture this for us. This visualization absolutely makes it less complicated to recognize precisely how monumentally significant a zettabyte of data is. That’s the power of data visualization. Image that zettabyte 59 times and you’ll have a rough idea of how much information we produced in 2020!

  • Network chart of personality communications in the Star Wars franchise

As the quantity of data, we produce grows, ever-more-complex visualization methods are called for to make sense of it. One significantly prominent kind of data viz is the network graph. This enables us to outline the connection between several points, or nodes.
Network graphs are exceptional for envisioning connections or groups that emerge from huge information. Showing this idea magnificently is this sensational visualization by a science communicator, data musician, as well as a scientist.

This captivating network graph is greater than just a rather picture. It tracks the links between the 20,000-plus personalities that exist in the Star Wars world. Each character is represented by a single node. And each of these nodes is linked by a color-coded line or edge to relevant nodes.

Red represents the dark side of the force; blue stands for the light side; yellow programs lawbreakers, as well as a fugitive hunter. With over 66,000 connections in total, this shows specifically how effective, and beautiful, a network graph can be.

  • Heat mapping the possible spread of the Covid-19

As smartphones track our activities, location-tagged information is fast becoming a usual sensation. This has verified specifically crucial throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as countries rush to track as well as trace prospective chains of infection. For location data such as this, maps are an important device. In this instance, information viz software program supplier Tectonix reveals to us the full potential of location-specific information mapping.

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