Techcorp Capital Invests in a Sports Gambling Venture

This article examines the recent investment of Techcorp Capital in a sports gambling venture. In particular, we will look at Wager, Mojo, Draft Fuel, and the upcoming Sports Gambling Venture by Techcorp Capital. These fintech companies are poised to become huge in the sports gambling market. Here are some of the best startups to watch for in this space. And don’t forget to check out their latest round of funding!

Mojo is a fintech company

The startup Mojo is a fintech company with a focus on sports gambling

. The company has raised $75 million in Series A funding and will soon allow its users to purchase futures derivatives based on their favorite sports. Unlike current sports betting platforms, Mojo will also allow users to bet on professional athletes and teams like stocks. It has plans to launch in select states that have legalized sports gambling.

Wager is a sports betting platform

The New England Patriots, Philadelphia 76ers, Harris Blitzer, and other well-known sports teams have invested in Wager, a sports betting platform. The startup has also attracted the backing of venture capital firms and the Kraft Group, which owns the New England Patriots. The company hopes to expand into several states this year, with the help of this new round of funding.

Draft Fuel is a fintech company

The app Draft Fuel is a fin technology company that is allowing people to placeUFABET bets on their March Madness brackets and fantasy football games. The idea was developed by Tom Mangan, a New Jersey resident and serial entrepreneur. He took it to a friend, Alex Cullingford, who had experience in mortgage banking. Draft Fuel was launched in early 2020, and is expected to become a popular gambling app by early 2022.

Techcorp Capital is investing in a sports gambling venture

A global gaming investment firm is investing in a new venture focused on online sports betting in Australia. Techcorp Capital’s management team has deep industry expertise, including in gaming, digital media, and sports. The company has a strong network of relationships in the gaming industry, including with News Corp Australia. This will help the firm determine the best potential target businesses and invest accordingly. In addition, the company’s advisory board is comprised of former SG Digital, Playtech, and PokerStars executives.

FanDuel was acquired by Flutter Entertainment

Flutter Entertainment has acquired a 37.2% stake in FanDuel from Fastball Holdings for $4.1 billion, increasing its ownership of the online sports betting company to 95%. The deal was first announced in December and was subject to shareholder approval. Flutter’s shareholders approved the deal with 99.9% approval, making it a “good deal for fans.” The other 5% of FanDuel is owned by Las Vegas-based Fox Bet, which is a subsidiary of Fox Corporation.

Vin is an M&A advisory firm

DraftKings has acquired Vin, a sports betting broadcast platform based in Las Vegas. This deal gives DraftKings a better opportunity to increase its content offerings. Vin offers up to 18 hours of live content each day. Vin also offers podcasts and radio broadcasts. Earlier this year, it also produced audio broadcasts for the XFL’s inaugural season, which is expected to draw millions of new fans.

Draft Fuel facilitates a guilt-free way to gamble

A fintech startup based in Philadelphia, Draft Fuel, is introducing a prepaid identity card and an app to make sports betting guilt-free. The company’s founders, Tom Mangan and Alex Cullingford, believe that the money left over after purchases on a credit card should be channeled to a separate fund for sports betting. Draft Fuel provides an account that enables sports betting while remaining responsible and creating healthy habits.

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