How to get a positive customs clearance for goods in the foreign land?

Shipping goods to the foreign land can be stressful if you don’t know the process clearly. Sometimes, the law changes in the country and all that you have learned to follow for a good customs clearance seems like a failure. Don’t worry; there are many ways in clearing customs for freight. Contacting Clearit USA customs brokerage is one good example of the same. In this article, we shall discuss some of the essential tips for you to get a smooth clearance from the customs office.

Guide to get a positive customs clearance for goods in the foreign land:

  1. Understand the business: Understand the business and also learn how it is conducted in the foreign land. Before you ship, you must know the law, rules, and regulations of importing to the other country.
  2. Keep your invoices ready: An invoice is a legal document that consists of information like the nature of your goods, contents in the cartons, the cost and value of the goods, and more…
  3. Organize things: Organize everything to ship smoothly and efficiently. Even a small delay or laidback attitude can delay the process putting your goods in trouble by staying idle at the customs port.
  4. Avoid hiding papers in the boxes: Do not leave or hide paper inside shipments. Any legal document or paper must be attached on the box. Customs office does not have time to open every owner’s shipment and look for documents. It is likely that your import request will be rejected.
  5. Be transparent and honest: This is highly essential if you wish to win the trust of the customs officers. Answer all their questions honestly and be transparent to discuss your business with them. They will inquire and have lots of questions to ask you. Treat it as a part of their job. Don’t lose patience and handle things calmly.
  6. Hire customs broker: To run things smoothly and efficiently, you can also hire a broker from Clearit USA customs brokerage or similar firms. A customs broker takes up the entire responsibility of handling the customs process with the customs department. They know the process well and thus, you won’t have to face any delays or hassle in the same. In most cases, the owner doesn’t even visit the customs office as everything is handled by the broker firm.

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