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Globally among many populations including that of the US, Hookah shisha or water-pipe smoking is becoming an emerging trend. There is confusion among the people that smoking hookah pipe is not harmful compared to cigarettes. One of the reasons why Hookah shisha is so popular is because of different flavors, which are appealing to the people. Plus, this is considered as a trend or the reason for the trend. One of the things, that people should know is that hookah users are also exposed to the same toxic by-products or compounds that are found in the cigarette. That’s to the effect of Hookah shisha is more in higher levels and it can also lead to negative health effects that are severe. Apart from all of that, Hookah users are more at risk of getting infections, lung diseases, cancer, and other medical conditions.

About Hookah Shisha – 

One of the things that Hookah users should know is that Hookah Shisha comprises of overlapping of chemical/toxicant, which is similar to that of traditional cigarettes. The effect of smoking hookah shisha on the cardiovascular system is similar to that of traditional cigarettes. There are many names of Hookah. It can be called as water pipe, argileh, narghile, shisha, goza, hubble-bubble, chica, mada’a, borry, qaylanand, etc. Hookah is a tobacco pipe and has a long and flexible tube that draws the puff of smoke through the water that is in the bowl. There are many online shops also from where you can buy the Hookah from Stündenglass. The use of hookah Shisha emerged from the north-west province of India, then it spread to Iran, Turkey, the Arab world, and so on gaining popularity in Europe and USA.

Apparatus of Hookahs – 

Hookah can also be called a water pipe and shisha. Let us look at the apparatus description of hookah. The apparatus of hookah is made of a lower & upper compartment, which is linked with a pipe. The top of the bowl is consists of tobacco or molasses that is a shield with perforated aluminum foil and on top of it, the burning charcoal is placed. At the bottom of the apparatus, there is a water jar that is shielded by a gasket, and a protruding hose and release valve. Whenever you are buying a hookah, make sure you buy it online from StündenglassStündenglass has introduced the gravity infuser, which is a suave and elegant designed 360° rotating glass hookah or it has a 360° rotatable activation. It generates kinetic energy or kinetic motion activation through flowing water displacement and opposes the airflow technology and the natural force of gravity.

Studenglass Hookahs – 

Stundenglass can also be described as contactless gravity hookah & it works a little bit different from conventional hookahs. When this hookah bowl is filled with water, it rotates (360 rotatable activations) which gives out a consistent and smooth smoke. Hookah Shisha is used to smoke flavored tobacco mixtures. Several different types of hookahs are there like the Syrian hookah, Egyptian hookah, anodized aluminum hookah-, which is mainly popular in Canada and US. But one of the best gravity hookahs which use water and kinetic energy to create a constant flow of smoke is Stundenglass. One of the best high-tech ways of consuming hookah shisha and other products of hookah is through gravity hookah. One of the things that you will know about the Stündenglass gravity hookah is that it is filled with water that is activated by kinetic motion. And, this kinetic energy motion will activate a constant stream of smoke till the entire time the user is using it. Just like the other hookahs, in this hookah also the coal is burned continuously.

Choosing Gravity Hookah – 

Now, many people would question, why they should choose the gravity hookah and why it’s more effective. One of the reasons why gravity hookahs are very effective is because it is one of the best ways to consume tobacco and it produces continuous smoke. It also has a 360-degree rotatable activation motion that keeps bringing the best-flavored hookah for consumption. This is one such thing that makes the process of smoking the hookah flawless and easy for the user. So, with the help of Stündenglass hookahs, you can get a contactless smoking experience. It was designed in such a manner that can be shared safely. Apart from that, it has a glass gravity infuser through which smoke is forced out of the mouthpiece or hose where the user can inhale without the need to touch the device. So, one of the best hookahs that you can take is the Stündenglass hookahs.

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