Answering key questions about professional duct cleaning!

If you live anywhere in Quebec, you probably need to rely on your heating & cooling systems regularly. The heated (or cooled) air moves from the HVAC system to various rooms through ductwork. The air ducts are responsible for indoor air quality, and no matter whether you live in a mid-sized condo or in a sprawling house, you need to keep air ducts clean. This is not something that you can take up as a DIY project because the job demands experience and expertise. In Laval, companies like Nettoyage Imperial duct cleaning service offer incredible support for commercial and residential clients. We have answered some key questions about professional duct cleaning below for your help. 

What does air duct cleaning entail?

As the name suggests, air duct cleaning focuses on cleaning components of heating and cooling systems, including ducts, heat exchangers, and drip pans. Professional cleaners will also check grilles and diffusers, and the fan motors to ensure that everything is working fine. Using special tools, technicians will dislodge dirt and debris and will sanitize the ducts as per professional standards. They will also change the air filters and run tests to ensure that the HVAC systems and ductwork are working as expected. The work may involve removing some of the forced air system components, but the technicians will reinstall everything.

Should you spend on professional services?

Yes, absolutely. Air ducts can harbor mold, allergens, contaminants, and debris, and if you have kids or pets at home, you need to be more cautious. A clean air duct system ensures that your HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to push cooled or heated air around the house. If air ducts are unclean, your family members may have unexplained allergies and respiratory conditions, especially the elderly. 

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

Professional air duct cleaning has many benefits, including  

–         Better HVAC performance

–         Reduced risk of allergies and respiratory issues

–         No more unpleasant odor in the house

–         Better indoor air quality

–         Reduced need for repairs 

–         Increased energy savings

How much do professional services cost?

It depends on the ductwork and the size of your home. Most local services in Laval will be happy to do an inspection and share an estimate. Check if your air duct cleaning estimate has a warranty. Many companies also offer maintenance services. 

Don’t ignore dirty ductwork or unusual odor in the house – call a local service today.

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