Velvet curtain you need to know

Velvet curtain you need to know

Are you interested in buying a velvet curtain for your home? Here we will guide you about this curtain which will help you to select a good one for your home.

Velvet is heavier in fabric and it gives you safety from the weather in the cold season. It gives you the feel of warmth, and in stormy weather the curtains absorb all the pollution. These curtains do not allow excess light to reach your room. These curtains are perfect for maintaining privacy. These velvet curtains also provide you with the darkness to sleep well.

As we all know velvet gives a luxurious and soft touch. All the products made from velvet give an esthetic look. In ancient times people used velvet fabric for Mughal emperor dressing and turban. People use velvet fabric for occasions. But now the time has changed. Velvet is used everywhere like coats, vests, skirts, bags, jackets, etc. velvet is woven with long threads between two fabrics. After that, threads are cast in a pile. There are so many kinds of velvet.

Do you want to know about the types of velvet curtains?

As we all know that silk is a symbol of elegance and velvet gives you a unique style. The combination of silk and velvet curtain gives good results when draped or hung on the wall. Maintenance of this curtain is quite easy.

Cotton velvet curtain

Cotton curtain is collected from synthetic fibers and velvet gives stretch properties to the fabric. The combination of cotton and velvet is admirable and is mostly used for upholstering These curtains can be washed but dry cleaning is recommended.

Nylon/rayon velvet curtains

Velvet is made from nylon and perfectly blended with rayon to make the fabric lighter as compared to others. This curtain can be easily handled and looks beautiful when draped. Its cost is less than silk. This curtain allows you to wash them.

Velvet microfiber curtains

These curtains are made from polyester fiber and give a luxurious look to the curtains. These curtains are popular because They can resist all stains and are easily maintained by dry cleaning or washing.

Designed or printed velvet curtain

Velvet curtains are available in stylish designs which makes you eager to buy this curtain wall. Its designs are available with a unique color combination. And gives a wow effect to the area where you hang them.

Do you want to know the other face of the velvet curtain?

It is understood that velvet is a sign of plush and it is highly available in all colors with fabulous designs. This curtain can be hung anywhere like doors, living lounge windows, and walls. But these curtains are budget-friendly. These velvet curtains are ideal for heavy-traffic areas. It looks good when hanging on occasion. When you capture the picture the background effect looks nice These velvet curtains can be easily washed or dry cleaned. In case, overwashing should be avoided because the surface of the fabric becomes rough while touched.

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