The Best Places You Need to See in Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is often referred to as one of the last unspoiled places in the world. The lush islands dotted with blue water attract tourists from around the world. Overall, Raja Ampat is an amazing and fantastic Island, so you need to visit some of these places when you are there. Read on to discover the five places you need to explore in Raja Ampat.

  1. Pianemo

Pianemo is one of the most photographed places in Raja Ampat, so much so that it has almost become a symbol of the region. However, despite its popularity, few tourists are there at the same time.

From some wooden stairs on the pier, you will marvel at the beauty of the scenery at your feet. The small island protrudes from the sparkling turquoise water, creating a unique scene under the endless blue sky. You can spend time here to admire the beautiful scenery and take photos before diving into the water.

  1. Arborek Village

Arborek Tourist Village is the most famous village in Raja Ampat for tourists. Now most of the women here are making a living from handicrafts, and there are also villagers of all ages who perform traditional dances.

This town is not that big, inhabited by only less than 50 families, but it is still a very nice way to learn about the local people and culture even from only a few. If you stroll around the neighborhood, you can see traditional houses, ramshackle docks, and children in swim shorts playing on the beach or splashing in shallow water. Start conversation with the friendly locals and ask to take pictures together if it is possible.

  1. Batanta Island Waterfall

Batanta Island is one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat and is an ideal place to explore. The island is just 30 minutes by boat from the Papua Paradise Eco-Resort, which offers excursions to Bataan Towers and hikes to the waterfalls.

It takes about 40 minutes to walk from where the boats are anchored, along the forest trails and rocky terrain, to the beautiful waterfalls. The hike is 100% worth it because once you get there, you can enjoy the cool water, explore the cave behind the waterfall, and watch the wildlife.

  1. Pasir Timbul

Like a dream, Pasir Timbul is a piece of sand that only rises into the sea when the tide is out. The water here is crystal clear, and the sand is as white as jade. you would not believe what you see. You can enjoy, play or relax by the beach, taking pictures, and observing underwater life without even needing to snorkel. Pasir Timbul is close to Mansuar Island, about 30 minutes by boat from Arborek Village.

  1. Hornbill Island

The hornbill is one of the most incredible birds in Raja Ampat. It is a very special sight to see them in their familiar environment. Hornbills mostly gathered on a small island off the coast of Batanta Island, where the mangroves are dense and healthy.

In the evening, at sunset, the hornbill came here for the night. You can see them flying, almost always flying in pairs and settling down with a group of people. Papua Paradise organizes a night tour of Hornbill Island just to see this magical natural landscape.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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