Symptoms Your Child Needsa Pediatric Podiatrist’s Help

A podiatrist is a doctor or a surgeon, who has specialization in the treatment and management of ankle and foot issues. Any kind of ankle and foot injury, wound or any other conditions are treated by a certified podiatrist. They are expert in managing your lower leg condition than any other professional.

An injury in the foot or ankle of your child can occur any time. Delay in treatment may worsen the injury, and affect other body parts too. If yourchild is facing any ankle or foot related issues and thinking of how to treat it, then Dr. Sima soltani podiatry office is the only solution. Their office has the best Pediatric Podiatrist Orange County. They provide free, group visit for children requiring foot care. They treat with the most advanced technology. You can directly book an appointment with them by visiting their website podiatristinirvine. Alternatively, you can directly visit their office located in Irvine.

Indication Showing Your child Need To Visit A Podiatrist

  1. Can’t Keep Pace With The Peers – If your children lag behind their peers in sport, it might be due to intense fatigue in their feet and legs. Fatigue is very usual if they have flat feet. The muscle and the tendons get fatigue very easily as the coordination in their feet and legs are in not a proper way. This is a natal medical issue, which can be treated by a podiatrist. If it is in a mild condition, then it can be treated via using various accessories. If the situation is adverse, then surgery is the only option.
  2. Voluntarily Withdrawing From Physical Activity – If your children are having a habit of escapism in participating in physical activities, it might be due to the heel pain. It is a problem often seen in the children among the age group of (8-15). Continuing stress from physical activity might cause muscle strain and inflammation on growth plate, ultimately hindering your children’s height growth.
  3. Hesitation In Showing Their Feet – Children might feel pain or notice a variation in the look of their feet or nail, but hesitate in discussing it with their parents, due to a fear of visiting a doctor. You should make a habit of checking your children’s feet at very tender age. You should look for any changes like calluses, abnormal growth, skin pigmentation, redness, or inflammation around the toe nail.
  4. Misbalance – Repeated ineptness might be a sign of knock knee, bow knee, balancing problems, or may be due to any neuromuscular disorder. If these issues are not rectified in the initial ages, then it will surely create massive hindrance in day to day life of the children in the later age.
  5. Persistent Pain – It is unusual for a child to have foot pain, injuries might seem casual. If the pain and swelling persist for multiple days, then you should examine your children’s foot by a podiatrist to relieve the discomfort.

Conditions Restricting Your Children’s Movement

Children’s movement is restricted due to various reasons. The treatments are also provided by the Children’s Foot Doctor, but it is important to get treated in the initial phase otherwise if the problem aggravates, your children are going to face a tiresome life. Few conditions, which are restricting are:

  1. Restricted Activities Due To Heel Pain – There are numerous causes of heel pain. Either bone or tendon around your heel may have irregularities. A proper diagnosis and efficient treatment will make your life easier.
  2. Ingrown Toe Nail – When toenail grows into the skin, it causes an infection. In rare cases, the doctor removes a part of the nail. Medicines are prescribed to stop the infection.
  3. Sprain Or Broken Bone – Podiatrist are experts in treating sprain or broken bone of the foot. They diagnose and treat it professionally.
  4. Foot Surgery – Surgery is the rearmost treatment a podiatrist suggests. They perform surgery only on foot and ankle. Conditions which are having surgery as the only options are bunions, ingrown toe nail, broken bone.
  5. Corn And Callus – Corn and callus are the most common reasons people visit a podiatrist. They are too painful. Treatment procedure isn’t painful as they are deposits of dead skin.
  6. Athlete’s foot – It is a fungal infection on your toes. It is too itchy and looks scaly. Antifungal creams help temporarily, but a permanent cure is with a podiatrist only.

How Foot Injuries Hamper Children

Till age eight, there are major chances of reversing foot ankle and heel abnormalities. Flat feet, intoed gait, out-toed gait, knock knee and bow knee treatments have more guaranteed results, when performed at a tender age (when the child is still developing).

If the ankle and the foot complications are left untreated, it will severely worsen and affect other body parts too, including knee, hip and back. Even if your child is not showing symptoms, regulating foot health prevents planter fasciitis, bone spurs, ingrown toe nails, etc.If you are anxious about your children’s ankle and foot health, the best thing you can do is to speak to a Pediatric Foot Doctor for a healthy foot check up.

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