How to Deal with a Car Breakdown

Who doesn’t enjoy a smooth ride on the highway or a remote road? Often, after a long week, people like going out on long rides with their buddies. But the entire journey can be ruined by a car breakdown.

Breaking down refers to a problem that forces the car to a standstill position. It can be anything from running out of petrol to tyre puncture to mechanical or operational failure that prevents the car from functioning properly. Many people have experienced this dreadful situation, and they always take measures to avoid it in the future.

The best way to ensure your safety and get peace of mind is by having a comprehensive car insurance policy with a road assistance coverage add-on. While roadside assistance can rescue you from a car breakdown situation, taking some crucial steps can help you avoid the problems in the first place.

To help you out, this article lists some great measures to deal with car breakdowns.

How to Deal with a Car Breakdown

1. Stay Calm and Pull Over Safely

First, in such a situation, you must stay calm. Once you get hold of your emotions, safely pull your car over to the side of the road or a safe spot.

You can also use hazard lights, i.e., each of your car’s yellow flashing indicator lights signalling other drivers that you are having an issue.

2. Use Parking Brakes

To prevent the broken-down car from rolling down in the traffic or sliding in a hilly or sloppy area, apply the parking brakes. It will ensure the safety of your car from potential accidents.

3. Assess the Complete Situation

Once you have settled your car safely, assess the situation and the reason for the car breakdown. Check the warning lights on the dashboard, and look at the engine to see if it makes strange noises.

After you have understood the situation, you can take action or communicate with the car breakdown services stations if needed.

4. Call for Help or Road Assistance

You can call for assistance if the problem is beyond a simple fix. And if you have a car insurance policy covering roadside assistance, contact your insurance company.

In case you do not have roadside assistance, you can contact a local towing company by providing the relevant details and exact location.

Many car insurance companies in India, like Tata AIG, offer roadside assistance add-on coverage. So, if you do not have it yet, consider taking a look.

5. Stay Safe

You and your co-passenger safety is the top priority. If you are on a remote road, you can find a safer place to wait until the professionals help you. And if you are stuck on a busy or deserted road, it is better to sit inside your vehicle.

6. Stay Visible at Night

If your car breaks down at night, it becomes essential for you to stay visible. It will make it easy for other drivers to navigate the road safely and find you for assistance.

Thus, you can use all indicator lights or flashlights to stay visible. You can use the warning reflective triangles.

Tips and Measures to Prevent Car Break Down

1. Maintain Your Car Regularly

  • Maintain and inspect the coolant and brake fluids.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s schedule for oil changes.
  • Replace air filters and spark plugs as recommended.
  • Keep tyres inflated and rotated as recommended.
  • Check the battery for corrosion and secure fastening.

2. Driving Habits

  • Maintain vehicle weight limit.
  • Drive carefully on rough roads.
  • Remember to warm up the engine before driving.
  • Avoid taking aggressive turns.

3. Preventative Measures

  • Schedule your car services frequently.
  • Carry a spare tire and learn to change it.
  • Carry an emergency kit, including tools, flashlights, jumper cables, and first aid.
  • Regularly check lights, signals, and electrical components.
  • Use high-quality fuel to prevent engine knocking.
  • Investigate and fix unusual vehicle noises.
  • Promptly address warning lights (engine, brakes, etc.)

4. Weather Considerations

  • Keep the fuel tank half full in the cold.
  • Prevent overheating your engine in the summer.
  • Use winter tires, carry chains, and winter tools.


Dealing with a car breakdown can be frustrating and stressful. But, knowing the right steps will make the situation more manageable.

Remember, precautions are better than cures. Thus, following the preventive measures and buying reliable online car insurance can help you avoid a breakdown.

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