How to Choose a Used SUV: Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover can boast, probably, the largest number of horror stories written about it. They talk about repairs, which are sometimes too expensive for car owners. However, these SUVs never lose popularity on the secondary market. So, how to buy a used Range Rover and not go broke on repairs? Today, the experts from Indy Auto Man, IN, will help to get the answer – at this Indianapolis dealership, several models of the popular SUV are always available for sale. 


About 60% of the Range Rover SUVs in the market are equipped with gasoline engines, the remaining perseverance – with diesel ones. Most used models of the latest years have a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine under the hood that makes 296 hp. 

Since the motor tends to overconsume oil, the owner should systematically monitor its level. The throttle body requires cleaning at least once every two years. Increased sensitivity to fuel is typical for all diesel engines of this SUV. 

Another weak point is the high-pressure fuel pump, which is affected by the quality of the diesel fuel used. Its average life span is between 70,000 and 80,000 miles if using high-quality fuel. However, the pump may not withstand even after one rolling of a full tank of low-quality diesel. According to official figures, such a pump is beyond repair, although the owner can try to fix it in an independent service center. 

The muffler lives up to 95 thousand miles, again, given the use of good fuel. And it doesn’t matter what to use, diesel or gasoline. All engines contain a timing chain, which changes after stretching. As a rule, this occurs for a run of 100-125 thousand miles.


The car has impressive off-road features. The systems are reliable, so there are no mechanical problems. However, there may be malfunctions in the electronics. With Terrain Response, the driver can determine the right suspension and power train for a given type of road. 

The car also has an electronically controlled lock. Range Rover has been equipped with the five-speed version of the ZF5HP22 or ZF5HP24 until 2005. After switching to engines from Ford, they began to install a six-speed ZF6HP26, and, between 2010 and 2012, an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Most Range Rover models have air suspension. Of course, on Indianapolis roads, one can also meet cars on ordinary springs, but motorists often make such transformations on their own. And pneumatic cylinders, in case of their careful operation, can serve for 75 thousand miles. However, to achieve such a mark, it is necessary to carefully clean them from sandstones and salt, especially during the onset of winter cold.

In addition, problems with the steering rack may occur. At 60 thousand miles, it begins to tap, and at 90 thousand miles, it becomes completely obsolete. According to official data, the steering rack cannot be adjusted, nor corrected.

Body and Interior

The body of the Range Rover has an aluminum surface. Rust can appear only at the very bottom in the most unremarkable places. But as for the quality of body metal processing, the British have practically no equal.

However, according to the Indy Auto Man specialists, there is no sense in relying on the fact that aluminum will serve indefinitely. In case of an accident, body parts must be replaced. And if the owner happens to stumble upon an illiterate specialist who uses copper or brass rivets when assembling, then aluminum parts will simply crumble after a certain time. 

There are not many complaints about the interior from the Indianapolis drivers. Thin leather, at the same time, impresses with high strength. And no squeaks are audible in the car.

Electrical Equipment

Range Rover drivers often face problems when it comes to electrical equipment. For some, these are problems with the onboard computer screen. Others face the situation when the car stops lowering from the top position. 

There may be malfunctions in the operation of the air conditioner or the inter-axle blocking. If it completely fails, the whole fault is not in the node itself but some specific electronic unit responsible for its regulation. 

Anything can fail in the electrical system. Sometimes it is enough to reinstall it to solve these problems and eliminate malfunctions. However, more often, the blocks had to be changed. 

Maintenance and Service 

According to statistics, maintenance of a Range Rover car has to be carried out for approximately each 7-8 thousand miles, the prices vary greatly, and it will be much more expensive at an official dealer. To save money, it is better to address a reliable service center, like Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis, where qualified mechanics have a wealth of experience, all necessary equipment, and spare parts to help the used Range Rover run smoothly for years to come.


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