Everything about countertops in showrooms

Countertops are essential for displaying premium products you sell. Most commonly, jewelry stores use countertops to display their products. 

However, all stores will need cash counters. A comptoir caisse magasin Displetech is an excellent choice if you are clueless about buying a cash counter for your store. But, as a jewelry store owner, you will need lots of countertops. 

Keep reading to know more about the types of countertops and other detailed information you ought to know. 

What options are available when it comes to countertops?

Countertops come at the height of the table and will have transparent glass tops that display what is inside them. 

They make the product inside look attractive and expensive. Usually, premium products are kept inside countertops and locked for safety. 

You can have countertops built in different types of styles. Let’s look at some of the countertop styles commonly available in the market. 

Full vision countertop

A full vision countertop gives full coverage of the products kept inside. They are usually made of tempered glass and offer 360-degree coverage of the product. They can be framed using metals like Aluminum or can be frameless. 

For aesthetics, frameless countertops will be a good choice. 

Half vision countertop

These will cover the lower part of the countertop using a solid covering. The top deck of the countertop will be made using glass. 

However, they give storage space for keeping some spares and tools inside them, and you don’t have to worry about the placement and aesthetics. 

The glass part of the countertop can display the products you want to flaunt to the customer. 

There are also lots of choices for the material used for making countertops. Wood, metal, and glass are the most popular materials. Wooden countertops are mostly used for packaging purposes, while metallic ones are used as cash counters. 

Glass countertops are becoming very popular and can be used for any purpose. With the advent of tempered glasses, the sturdiness of the countertop is no more an issue. 

Tempered glasses can withstand tremendous strain without breaking and have made full vision glass countertops a common sight today. 

Final Takeaways

Most companies selling countertops have executives to help you with the selection of countertops and their placements. 

You can also make custom-fittings and showcases for your store. The executives can guide you throughout the process, making it hassle-free. However, you have to plan ahead if you want custom products so that you can get them made in time for your store opening. 

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