Car Shipping Basics for Military Personnel

Military personnel receive interstate transfer [PCS] or Outside the Continental United States [OCONUS] orders. The relocation for military personnel is similar to the process of ordinary people’s movement. Nevertheless, there are some concerns for car transport of people working for forces.

Military personnel can get OCONUS anytime. It is unavoidable but to make the moving less stressful is hire a reliable vehicle transport company. Hiring reliable transporter to ship your vehicle overseas, you feel relaxed to know that your valuable possession will be delivered safely. It allows you to focus on other moving activities like tracking expenses, preparing kids, and submitting your command sponsorship requests.

Military car shipping basics

For interstate transport coordinate with Ship a Car, Inc. It is a renowned military auto transport company with dedicated professionals keen to help you during the entire process. If you need overseas transport then consult with the local transportation office for a recommendation.

The US government pays the shipping cost of the military car for OCONUS. However, it will be for a single POV, but if you have to ship another car overseas then coordinate with the shipping company, which understands the individual needs of the military personnel.

It means you can ship a primary car free of cost and pay for the second one. However, before you ship the second car overseas [for OCONUS] then create a budget for registration, taxes, fuel, and insurance.

If you need to ship a car for PCS then you will have to pay the entire shipping cost. There are occasions, the military pays domestic car transport but only for retiring service members and if the personnel are unable to drive physically or you don’t have sufficient PDS reporting time.

For personnel qualifying for government funding need not worry because military staff will deal with all the logistics. Those who are not eligible will need to search for a reliable military vehicle shipper.

Tips for military vehicle shipping

Follow these tips to save the stress and money associated with military car shipping. Taking shortcuts is not advised, so follow the tips to make PCS smoother.

  • Your Travel Office [TO] counselor is well-aware of the happenings in the transportation landscape, so you will gain good advice.
  • Your military friends with PCS know the details about POV shipping. They have experienced the surprising aspects and know what they could have done differently.
  • Delays are common in the car transportation arena. Therefore, expect delays instead of banking on timely delivery.
  • Never misplace or throw the paperwork, receipts, or Transport Company emails. It can be handy if there is a need to check for vehicle status or make an insurance claim.
  • Just because you are not eligible for government funding against POV, you are out of luck. Apply for $500 – a moving assistance grant package that can be used in truck rentals or car shipping.
  • Take care of pending factory recall for the defective seatbelt or tailgate, especially when you are PCSing OCONUS.

Ensure to look for a transport company that offers military discounts, reasonable prices, and optimistic customer reviews from military personnel.

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