What Rug Material Should Opt For Your Child’s Room?

Do you want to add a style to your child’s room? A good-quality rug can simply do this with its design and color. Its role in the child’s room is just outstanding. The soft pile nature of rugs can help prevent your children from certain accidents.

Even though the benefits of rugs are more, there are a few disadvantages too.  Rugs that have been dyed with natural colors are preferred to those made by industrial production. Never choose a rug for your child’s room that’s been made with artificial sources otherwise it would be harmful to your kid. Another advantage to having naturally made rugs is their cleaning and maintenance is easy.

As a parent, make sure to always provide your kid with the best playing atmosphere that they can enjoy without any worries. In this guide, we’ll let you know what rug material you should opt for in your child’s room. So, let’s get started;

Material Guide For Kid’s Rugs

Before purchasing a rug for your kid’s room, make sure to pay extra attention to the materials used in the making of the rugs. Unlike industrially produced pieces, rugs made from natural fibers could be beneficial for your child’s health, for so many good reasons. Let’s have a look at the details below so that you can purchase the best rug material for your kid’s room.

Synthetics: Chemically Treated

Rugs made of synthetic materials such as acrylic yarn, polypropylene, or mixtures of polypropylene and polyesters are less prone to dirt and dust. It is the most advantageous feature especially if your kid is an allergic or asthma patient. Another advantage to having these rugs is their strong resistance to stains. However, keep in mind that they can be harmful to your child in other ways because they have been chemically treated with certain chemicals.

Natural Fibers

If you want to do for your child something safe and healthy, invest your money in buying a rug made of natural fibers. As compared to synthetic rugs, natural fiber rugs feel warmer and are not easily contaminated by harmful materials. Moreover, they do not emit a plastic-like odor which can be harmful to your kid’s health. Toddlers inhale everything from the environment so, it’s very important to choose a natural fiber rug for their rooms. When it comes to natural fibers, wool is the top-most choice. It is one hundred percent harmless.

The Right Material On The Back: Wool Or Fleece

Never forget to look at the back before purchasing a rug. This is one of the most important things to consider. There are a variety of materials used for the backing of the rugs such as felt, jute, wool, or fleece. Synthetic coatings are also very common these days. However, they can conduct poor heat sometimes due to their impermeability to air.

So, this is all about a little short discussion about the best rug material for your child’s room. We hope you’ll keep these factors in consideration before taking any decision. Stay safe and keep your child healthy!

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