What Makes Wooden Flooring So Popular?

Wooden flooring has been in trend for decades. It is the only flooring solution that can make your home feel more elegant and lavish. There is an exclusive range of wood options to enrich the overall ambiance of your décor. However, it can sometimes be risky and create an expensive big mess if not taken care of properly.

Before choosing the type of wooden flooring for your space, it would be much better to know first about its benefits and drawbacks. To help you make the right decision, we’ve gathered down the top pros and cons of wooden flooring. So, let’s get started.

Benefits Of Wooden Flooring

  • Versatile In Every Aspect

When it comes to wooden flooring, there are endless choices to choose from. You can choose the wood type, its finish, color, design, and even its installation system that fits within your budget. And wait there’s more; if you’ve gotten bored of seeing the same wooden flooring, you can add another variety on the same floor by simply staining it.

  • Long-Term Investment

The best part of wooden flooring is its shelf life of more than a hundred years. It might seem costly, but it is worth the price when it comes to durability.

  • Ageless And Trendy

As we have discussed earlier, wooden flooring has been trending for decades. This is the reason why these floors are mostly seen in old homes. From lighter shades like maple and white oak to darker tones like walnut and cherry, you can opt for any style and type that complements your interior.

  • Ideal For Homes With Kids

If having pets and young kids in the home, wooden flooring can be the ideal solution as it is 100% baby-friendly, non-toxic, and slip-resistant. It reduces the chances of accidents and injuries for your kids when moving around on these floors.

Drawbacks Of Wooden Flooring

  • Vulnerable To Termites

One of the biggest issues with wooden flooring is its susceptibility to termites as wood is their favorite food. Make sure there are no termites in the home while installing wooden flooring otherwise it could become badly damaged.

  • Susceptible To Moisture & Water Content

Another drawback to having wooden flooring is that it can’t bear moisture or water otherwise it will quickly swell up and get damaged. Therefore, you may need to constantly monitor the levels of humidity in the home. If you want to clean your wooden floors, simply do it using a vacuum cleaner or a dry mop.

  • It Can Sometimes Be Noisy

As compared to the other floors, wooden flooring can be a bit noisier. This is because the material does not have the capability of absorbing sound. Investing in good solid wood flooring can be a solution to that.

  • Requires Occasional Refinishing

As wooden flooring is sensitive to several damages, it needs proper maintenance. To keep it look new, will need occasional refinishing.

So, before opting for wooden flooring, it would be much better to weigh out all the benefits and drawbacks and your budget too. If you can afford it, then simply go for it! In case of a limited budget, you can opt for other floors like laminate, vinyl tiles, stone tiles, and many more!

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