What is awesome about the Solidity programming language

First, you need to figure out what Solidity programming language is and how to use it.

Solidity is a high-level object-oriented language used to design smart contracts that automate operations in the blockchain. This language is mainly used to create smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain (also known as EVM). Solidity was first proposed by Gavin Wood in 2014 and was later developed by Ethereum core programmers.

Solidity is similar to the most common programming language – JavaScript. This means that if you understand JavaScript, it will be easy for you to master Solidity. It also has similar features to the C++ and Python coding languages.

As a high-level language, Solidity has a simple syntax. Since Solidity is a statically typed language that can compile itself, it gives Solidity the ability to detect the bugs related to the variable tapes on the go, decreasing the number of errors and simplifying the development.

Solidity Application 

The advantage of the Ethereum ecosystem is that many other cryptocurrency developers can use it to create different decentralized programs. Smart contracts allow you to develop unique dApps based on Ethereum for many companies and organizations.

Every year, the whole world spends billions of dollars on blockchain solutions. Many of these ideas were realized via smart contracts, coded using Solidity. 

Many tools allow creating Solidity smart contracts for free, but there is no guarantee that the transactions will work safely without external audits. It’s a usual problem of open-source solutions.

Templates and logical scheme of the code

There are various ways to use Solidity to pair smart contracts with each other. Solidity can also be used to build special instructions on how to store information in a smart contract. We can separate and secure the data in smart contracts while validating its trueness using Solidity language. 

Various norms and guidelines are being developed that define how Solidity smart contracts are used to form transactions. These standards are known as ERC standards. These standards set the rules for the future development of blockchain technology.

Smart contract audits

Smart contrast audit involves different checks, code reviews, and tests of overall program performance under hacking attacks to verify the safer behavior of the program in any circumstances. By analyzing the contract, auditors have the opportunity to identify some weak points, arithmetical errors, or vulnerabilities before implementation. A third-party company routinely performs a smart contract audit to ensure that the code is correct and that no one within the development team falsifies the test results.

As the smart contract code relates to the transaction and money funds, the price of error is much higher than the additional investments needed for the proper audit. 

The simplest solution is automated audits within which a copy of the smart contract is generated, and its testing is performed using some SaaS (for example, Truffle).

Although automatic smart contract analysis saves a lot of developers time, it has its drawbacks – it can not detect all the weaknesses or logical errors.

While outsourcing audits of smart contracts may cause some upfront costs, the possibility of determining the vulnerability of the security system is much higher. And to have an independent audit for the dApps recently became a standard for the market leaders. Thus, they mostly order auditing smart contracts to demonstrate to the clients and investors that their solution is secure. 

Large-scale fintech projects that claim to be among the market leaders demand expert auditors who have proven themselves in this area to execute the independent software security audits. 


There is no need to say that Solidity is a very convenient programming language; it simplifies smart contract development and automates transactions. Smart contract auditing can easily help you avoid critical errors, decrease gas consumption via code optimization, and, most importantly, provide users with reliable, bug-free decentralized applications. 

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