Wall cladding

Wall cladding is the coating of one material over another to control the problems caused by weather. If you need to have wall cladding for your exterior or for your interior, come to with the advanced technology. There are lots of companies where you will have the designs and experts but at our online store, you will have the latest designs but with durability and affordability.

Today there are many technical team experts who with their unique designs win the heart of many people. Construction industries with new technology and innovative ideas are leading every house, office, and company exterior and interior

Types Of wall Cladding

There are many types in wall cladding that includes,

Wood Cladding:

This wall cladding shields the structure. Due to its insulation property, this cladding is highly energy efficient. In this cladding, an exquisite effect of real wood can blend in interior or exterior. This wall cladding enhances the appearance of the building.

Stone Cladding:

Wall cladding with stone provide a more natural look. This stone cladding also adds a tinge of elegance to the walls. If you want earthy and rustic look then this stone cladding is best to applied to the structures.

Ceramic Cladding:

If you want wall cladding light weighted and needs less maintenance, then Ceramic cladding is the best option. This cladding is available in many textures and designs. Stone cladding is said to be the popular choice among architects. The material made available for this cladding is durable, easy to clean and resistant to external weather conditions.

Tile Cladding:

When want to transform a house into a contemporary abode, tile cladding is the aesthetic option. The design options of this tile cladding are flexible. If want to have a unique and polished look, combination of various sizes of the tiles can be merged.

Porcelain Cladding:

They are widely used for the exteriors of a structure. They are non-porous and does not accumulate surface dirt.

Curtain Wall Cladding:

This wall cladding is commonly seen in multistory buildings. They are lightweight aluminum frames, reduces the heat ingress into the building. They make the indoor area more comfortable creating a brighter, cleaner and healthier environment.

Aluminum Composite Cladding:

They are made from aluminum and are used for the external purpose only. They are weather and UV resistant, provide all-round protection to the building.

Timber Cladding:

This wall cladding eliminate moisture and form a durable material. They are readily painted, altered according to the structural design.

Terracotta Cladding:

This wall cladding is eco-friendly, 100% natural, best alternative to brick cladding. This gives a smooth look to the structure. They are non-flammable and fire resistant

Concrete Cladding:

This wall cladding gives modern, authentic look, cost effective, light, easy to cut and install.

Benefits of wall cladding

There are lots of benefits of wall cladding which are as follow,

  • Cladding is said to be the most remarkable and complex feature of a building structure.
  • Wall cladding is the best to protect the interior spaces from the surrounding environment.
  • Must keep it well maintained if you want this wall cladding durable and long term.
  • The best benefit of having this wall cladding is, it protects your building from wind, excessive heat, and moisture.
  • It also helps ensure the building’s overall thermal performance.

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