Take back your privacy with encrypted messages that vanish 

The digital world makes privacy harder to maintain. Many governments, corporations, and other entities collect, store, analyze, and share data about us without our knowledge or consent. Our online activities leave a digital footprint, from our web browsing history to our location data. When dealing with sensitive communications, people are looking for ways to protect their privacy. Users of Privnote can send and receive text messages that self-destruct after reading them. Taking back control over your privacy, Privnote lets you send encrypted notes that vanish without a trace. Taking back control over your privacy, Privnote lets you send encrypted notes that vanish without a trace. 

how does privnote work? It allows users to share text, links, or files that are encrypted end-to-end and automatically deleted after being read once. 

  • Users enter a message into the text box on the Privnote website. It is also possible to upload files up to 1 GB in size. 
  • It uses 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt the message. Banks and government agencies use this same military-grade encryption.
  • A unique, randomly generated link is created for that message. Users copy this link to share the Privnote. 
  • When recipients open the link, they view the message. The page displays a timer counting down until the note is permanently deleted.
  • Once the Privnote is viewed, the message is automatically erased from Privnote’s servers. The link becomes invalid after one view.
  • There is no need to register an account with Privnote. It is completely anonymous.

With this straightforward process, Privnote allows you to share private, encrypted communications that essentially vanish into thin air after being read once. There is no trace left behind for others to snoop on.

Privnote security features

Privnote was built with privacy and security as the top priorities. There are a number of key security features included in this software:

  • End-to-end AES 256-bit encryption – This military-grade encryption ensures notes only be decrypted by the intended recipient. Not even Privnote’s servers access the content.
  • Message deletion – Notes are automatically deleted forever after being read once. This eliminates the risk of copies circulating.
  • No logs or accounts – Privnote requires no registration. It also leaves no logs, cookies, or user tracking, ensuring anonymity. 
  • Onion service – Privnote is one of the relatively few services available as a Tor onion service. This allows for enhanced anonymity when accessing Privnote.
  • Open source – As an open-source platform, Privnote’s code has been vetted and improved over the years by security experts.

Privnote’s security measures give users confidence that their private messages have minimal risk of being compromised, intercepted, stored, or traced back to them. For maximum privacy, Privnote recommends accessing the website over the Tor network.


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