Secrets of staircase carpets:

Let’s start by covering the basics: most carpet manufacturers use flat layers of wool on top of the backing, then a layer of cotton batting underneath that. The wool on the top has little to no nap, while the bottom layers usually have floor-length naps and are sewn together in an intricate pattern that makes it easy for your family to walk across carpets . Join us for an evening of secrets, surprises, and laughter as we uncover the wonderful world of staircase carpets. Discover how these are designed to be modern and delightful, yet handed down from generation to generation. Staircase carpets can help add a distinctive finishing touch to your staircase. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, including this stylish printed carpet. A good quality staircase carpet should be soft and comfortable, with no sharp edges that could harm your family. Staircase carpets are made from the same material as commercial clothing – cotton is used for this type of carpeting because it can withstand wear, tear, and rain.

More information on Staircase Carpets:

Staircase carpets provide a soft, comfortable surface that protects your steps and adds a touch of style to any staircase. We can supply you with a bespoke patterned carpet to fit your staircase perfectly or choose from our range of ready-made staircases carpets. Staircases are the perfect zone to add a sense of refinement and luxury to your home and this is why staircase carpets are specifically designed for this specific environment. The carpet can be installed over existing stairs or at a new location such as the landing. The staircase, both in its design and construction, is a very important element of the interior. With the right approach you can build stairs that are functional and beautiful at the same time; from something that helps us reach the floor above (and beyond), to a landing where we pause for a moment to gather our thoughts before continuing on our way

What Everyone Must Know About Staircase Carpets:

Staircase carpets are a great way to add a little of the traditional feel of a home during the holiday season. Stair casing carpets are an ideal choice for homes with stairs because they add value and increase home comfort. Staircases are a popular choice for decorating your home, but many people overlook the stair carpeting that is installed there. They may not know that it’s possible to add a very dramatic look to a home, or even improve its safety in addition to doing so. Staircase carpets serve a double purpose: they’re comfortable to walk on, and look great, too. Many people over the years have become accustomed to seeing a staircase carpet at home. This is not just for aesthetic reasons but because the carpet is an integral part of a stairway’s design, where it does an important job of protecting the underlying flooring against wear and tear. Of course, both beautiful and practical are what make every staircase carpet special. A staircase carpet will be a great addition to your home if it is well-made, durable, and easy to clean.

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