Romantic Evening on a Boat

Romantic Evening on a Boat in Tenerife

A trip to the cinema, a meeting in a restaurant, a walk in the park indeed leave truly positive memories. Positive, but standard. What if you make a real surprise for your loved one? This surprise is a romantic sea trip on a yacht along the coast of Tenerife.

The main rule of organizing a trip is that it should be cohesive. If you’ve chosen a specific theme or decoration idea, follow it through to the end. An ocean evening for two often involves surprises – it’s important that a professional organizer calculates the exact timing of the entire program.


The practice of preparing such meetings for two shows that the quality of rest is directly influenced by:

  • The chosen type of yacht. First of all, its design is important (whether it’s motorized or sailing). For those who love speed and vivid emotions, the decision to order a motor yacht in Tenerife will surely seem more interesting. In a more traditional understanding, a romantic meeting is a leisurely quiet walk away from the city noise. It’s important that there are several relaxation zones – both closed and open. The weather can always change, it’s important that there is an opportunity to move to a closed relaxation zone.
  • Transfer. This is the case when it’s better to think in advance about ordering a car – the effect of surprise is always the most pleasant.
  • Service. Festive or thematic decoration, musical accompaniment, photographer’s services – almost any idea can be implemented.
  • Route. Depends on the general program of the trip. You can make a mini-review of Tenerife, passing by new and old architectural ensembles, or you can get closer to nature and even make a small stop at the beach.

Dinner on board

Of course, no two-person walk can do without light snacks. There is a kitchen in every boat, where there is everything for preparing a tasty and healthy menu. To rent a boat in Tenerife and spend a wonderful time together, organizing a lavish banquet will be superfluous. An individual menu with light snacks is a good option for a romantic walk. If this walk is in the evening – a classic candlelit dinner together with the lights of the island creates a special atmosphere. And most importantly – no one will bother you, which cannot be said about a regular restaurant.

Bright conclusion

Of course, some people prefer to enjoy a quiet walk for hours. Here the main thing is to know the preferences of your loved one well. But if you are sure that the surprise will be a plus for you – you can organize a fireworks launch. There are many types of installations – you can launch fireworks of different shapes, colors, to different heights, and even at a certain interval. It all depends on your imagination. Renting a boat for an ocean walk, carefully thought out from beginning to end, will become one of the most vivid experiences for just two people.

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