Reasons Why You Need To Consider Checking Maid Insurance Promotion

A maid insurance policy covers maids or domestic workers as they are sometimes called. People from Singapore or other countries can be appointed to this position. If you wish to keep your maid protected from any loss, you must get a maid insurance policy. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), this is a mandatory requirement.

After seeing how some people treat maids, they made this a compulsion. As a result, they made this mandatory for the maids to avoid additional costs and to save their employer money too. There are different kinds of coverage in general insurance, such as medical, liability, hospitalization, and others. This is a type of all-in-one policy that provides a wide range of coverage to all of its policyholders.

In the market, there are policies that offer additional benefits and are very good. The MOM is doing everything it can to increase the popularity of home insurance in the market. They are telling others how vital maid insurance is in a campaign to promote it. Check list of best maid insurance coverage Singapore.

The highest hospital and medical coverage are what you should look for in maid insurance. So, you won’t have to worry about making any payment, and you won’t be concerned about any extra loss. Some employers cannot pay for treatment and medications due to a lack of funds. The maid’s job needs to be protected for future reasons, so it’s wise to put a policy in place.

A Maid’s Insurance Called E-Protect?

An insurance company’s portal offers an online policy for maids called E-protect maid. It allows you to customize the policy and decide all terms and conditions online. As a result, the person will choose a policy that suits their needs, making it more affordable.

Consequently, the policy is customized to the employer’s needs. The E-protect policy is a comprehensive, advantageous product on the market. The R-protect policy covers both the maid as well as the employer from any risks. Their coverage is excellent, and the amount they offer is impressive.

Taking out this type of policy doesn’t cost a lot, though. There is an option that allows you to pay for all of your insurance policies in EMIs. Among the benefits provided by E-protect are good coverage against accidents, medical insurance, and liability protection.

There are some differences between a standard policy and an E-protect policy for maid insurance. The E-protect plan is the only one that offers coverage with only a small monthly payment. There are other maid insurance policies that charge more and also have a higher interest rate.

Why Should A Maid Take Out Insurance?

Listed below are reasons to take out maid insurance policies.

It Covers A Wide Range Of Aspects.

A piece of news about some maid-related accident is constantly broadcast on the television in Singapore. A second story involving these maids is also in the news. Thus, an insurance policy for your home and maid is safer and more beneficial. You may want to consider using a maid because of these benefits.

The insurance policy covers all accident-related charges and coverage. A different type of coverage is also offered for losses arising from life events and damage to vehicles.

All hospital costs and surgery expenses are covered. The objective is to make sure that neither the maid nor her employer is subjected to heavy losses.

The maid is also required to pay a repatriation fee when she returns home. The maid can be charged only when she has to leave the house for some reason. Check domestic helper insurance Singapore.

Employers Can Enjoy The Following Benefits.

There are coverages for hiring and terminating new employees. A prorated salary will be given to your maid if she cannot work. Also, they will give you enough money to find someone else to do the work while the maid is away.

A guarantee letter will be provided by the E-protect maid, so you won’t have to provide the security bond. Additionally, they will cover any damage that the maid may cause. Additionally, employers and maids can be covered for abuse. Add-ons can customize a maid’s services.

It is a very comprehensive insurance policy that covers many things. As long as your policy is complete, you can add an add-on if you believe something is missed.

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