Norfolk Island for History Lovers

Norfolk Island has a long – and interesting – history that is tied in not only with Australia’s convict and first settler history but also Polynesian explorers and culture. It is the perfect holiday destination for history lovers who want to spend their Norfolk island holidays exploring cultural sites, museums and historical buidlings – all while being surrounded by lush rolling hills, impressive views and great beaches. 

Norfolk Island: A Long and Rich History

Convict Colony 

The British established a penal colony on Norfolk Island in 1788. They transported a number of convicts to the island who were held captive on the island, many of them living out the remainder of their lives on Norfolk. 

These convicts were responsible for building many of the oldest structures on Norfolk Island – many of which you will have the opporunity to explore in the Kingston World Heritage Site. Another unmissable stop-over for history enthusiasts visiting Norfolk Island is the cemetery. Many might find a cemetery an odd spot to visit on a holiday, but Norfolk’s is filled with history, housing the tombstones of many fist settlers-turned-convicts. 


Pitcairne & The Mutiny on the Bounty 

Anyone who is familiar with Australia’s history will be familiar with the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. Pitcairn Island is where the Bounty mutineers first landed, however they outgrew that tiny piece of land quickly. Their descendants were eventually given Norfolk Island in 1856, many of them migrating and settling in the abandoned prisoner’s settlement in 1856. 

Many of Norfolk Island’s current inhabitants can trace their lineage back to the descenands of the Bounty, and as such, this historical event has had a big impact on the culture of the island. 

Visitors to Norfolk Island should visit the Bounty Folk Museum as well as Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama to learn more about the history of Pitcairn and the Bounty mutineers. 

Tips for History Lovers Visiting Norfolk 

If you’re planning a trip to Norfolk Island to explore the history then we have a few tips to help you plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

  1. Get an unlimined Museum Pass – if you plan to visit as many historical sites and museums as possible during your stay then you should consider getting the unlimited pass. 
  2. Historical Events – consider your travel dates carefully and try to visit during one of Norfolk Island’s historical events. They have a few throughout the year, tied in to imporant dates in their history. During these events and festivals, there will be additional tours, shows and exhibitions available. Some of the dates to consider include Foundation Day in March as well as Bounty Day in June. 
  3. Immerse Yourself – in addition to the historical sites and museums, there are also a number of unmissable culture experiences for history buffs to enjoy. Book a progressive dinner or attend a live demonstration or show. 

Norfolk Island History Holidays 

For such a small island, Norfolk Island has an impressive amount of historical sites, museums, displays and exhibitions for visitors to explore. From the Pitcairn Settler’s Village, to the Historical Photos Display at the Lion’s Club or the exploring the old Military Barracks – your days will be jam-packed with history on Norfolk Island tours

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