How to keep a secret with private text messaging apps?

Whether you want to share confidential information with a colleague, discuss sensitive topics with a friend, or just keep your conversations private, several apps allow you to send encrypted and self-destructing messages that leave no trace.


Signal is a popular encrypted messaging app recommended by privacy experts like Edward Snowden. Signal uses end-to-end encryption to secure all texts, voice messages, video calls, and file transfers. Some key features include:

  1. Leaves no trace – Signal messages aren’t stored on servers and leave no metadata trail behind.
  2. End-to-end encryption – Signal uses an advanced encryption protocol called Signal Protocol to secure all communications.
  3. Self-destructing messages – users set messages to disappear after a certain amount of time.
  4. Screen security – messages are only displayed when the recipient’s screen is unlocked.
  5. Group chats – secure group chats with up to 1,000 participants.

Signal provides CIA-grade encryption for your messages. The advanced security protections make it difficult for anyone to access your conversations without your permission. how to private message? Signal is a great choice for discussing confidential topics from personal issues to whistleblowing activities.


Snapchat is best known for its self-deleting photo and video messages that disappear after being viewed. But Snapchat also allows users to exchange encrypted text chats that are deleted once both parties leave the conversation. Some key features:

  • Self-destructing messages – text chats are automatically deleted once both users close the Snapchat app or leave the conversation.
  • Screenshot alerts – if someone tries to screenshot your message, Snapchat will alert you.
  • End-to-end encryption – Snaps and chats are encrypted between devices. Text messages are encrypted in transit and storage.
  • Custom expiration time – users set Snaps and chats to disappear after 1 to 10 seconds or manually.

Snapchat’s fleeting messages that disappear without leaving a trace make it a handy app for sharing private thoughts and conversations without leaving evidence behind. Just beware that encrypted chats are only available when both parties are actively online.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me advertises itself as “the most trusted end-to-end encrypted messenger.” It provides enhanced security features not available on other private messaging apps. Key features include:

  1. End-to-end encryption – messages are encrypted with TLS and AES-256 encryption.
  2. Message shredding – allows permanent deletion of messages off recipient’s devices.
  3. Screenshot prevention – photos and videos become unviewable after a recipient leaves the chat screen.
  4. Stealth mode – hides contacts and groups from your address book.
  5. File shredding – delete any files exchanged via Wickr so they are recovered.
  6. Perfect forward secrecy – encryption keys are deleted after each message is sent.

Wickr Me ensures messages leave no traceable evidence due to its military-grade encryption and additional security protections like stealth mode. It’s an ideal app for discussing highly sensitive topics.

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