How Do Dental Crowns and Bridges Restore Function and Aesthetics to Your Smile? 

Missing teeth can significantly impact the function and aesthetics of our smiles. But dental crowns and bridges are very reliable solutions that are often recommended by dentists in order to maintain the function and aesthetics of your smiles. A Wichita Falls cosmetic dentist helps you explore the purpose and benefits of both dental crowns and bridges. 

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, cover a damaged or weakened tooth around the gum line. They protect and strengthen a decayed tooth and further enhance its appearance. A dental bridge is a fixed restoration. It helps by replacing one or more missing teeth and bridges the gap between the adjacent teeth. 

  • Protection and Strength: 

Dental crowns will provide protection and the required strength to teeth that are decayed, cracked, or fractured. They will act as the external shell, which is durable and reinforces the tooth’s inner structure to prevent further damage and improve its health. It plays an essential role in preventing further damage. 

  • Restoring Shape and size: 

Dental crowns are made in such a way that they replicate the shape and size of the original tooth. If a tooth has been worn down or altered by some dental treatment, the crown helps to restore the proper dimensions of the tooth. The crown will make sure that the tooth’s original shape and size are restored, which then ensures that the alignment is proper. 

  • Maintaining chewing and Speaking Ability: 

Dental bridges help to maintain speaking and chewing abilities by replacing the missing teeth, and they also allow for improved digestion of food. The missing teeth, when replaced, also help with better speech and the ability to communicate properly. 

  • Even bite distribution:

When bridges are used, they help distribute the forces applied during the biting and chewing process while eating the food. As the bridges distribute the forces, this supports the other teeth, helps prevent excessive strain on every individual tooth, and significantly reduces the risk of further dental problems. 

  • Tooth appearance: 

Dental crowns and bridges not only have functional advantages but can also help improve the tooth’s aesthetics. Many times there are stains, discolorations, or irregularities in the tooth that might affect the appearance, but dental crowns improve the appearance by matching the shape and color of the design, which leads to a very natural-looking smile. 

  • Contact a dentist today!

Before you make a decision, make sure to speak to a dentist. A dentist will help you understand how dental crowns and birdges will work the best for your teeth.

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