Does therapy help to overcome alcohol addiction?

Are you ready to quit drinking alcohol? Here are some tips for speeding up your recovery. Overcoming a substance addiction may not be as easy as one might think. However, it is not going to be impossible either. It takes a gradual process of saying no to alcohol, or you may come up with excuses to start drinking again. Well, taking therapy is one of the pertinent ways to cut back on alcohol and keep a check on yourself.

Therapy for substance addiction can be of multiple types:

Individual And Group Therapy

Individual therapy is mostly preferred for mental health disorders rather than alcohol misuse, such as bipolar disease, depression, and so on. Whereas, group therapies are seemingly effective for alcohol abusers, as they will give them a platform to speak about their relationship with alcohol, as seen in programs like Alcohol Anonymous. Here, a group is part of the recovery. However, one thing to be noted is that these groups may not be moderated by a professional psychotherapist.

Residential Therapy

It is a distinct therapy that requires a person addicted to substances to shift to a separate place that does not lead him to drug usage. This could be in the form of a special facility where the person is kept for weeks or months to curb alcohol addiction. The routine that is adopted here is of paramount importance as the person will foster new habits and skills that prepare him or her for sober living. This one-of-a-kind therapy can be costly and may not always result in the cessation of alcohol use. For the short term, it works well until the moment of relapse.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy employs the recognition of moods, patterns, and behaviors that instigate drug cravings.

Couples And Family Therapy

This sort of therapy is treated as effective because either the whole family or the spouse of the patient is involved as he or she grapples with the problems of an alcoholic.

It is essential to choose the right pathway to beat alcohol and substance addiction for a healthy, happy, and carefree life.

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