Consequences of Sexual Assault Conviction on Different Degrees

As per title IX, all schooling institutions are required to promptly address complaints regarding sexual harassment and assault and conduct an immediate investigation. Sexual harassment or assault cases can include situations like a violation of consent, rape, unsolicited sexual innuendos, sexual acts committed with someone incapable of giving consent, etc. Visit for more information. 

Victims who decide to file claims against their perpetrator are given a choice to involve police authorities. If they choose the option, then a criminal investigation takes place where it is suggested to get professional help from lawyers. 

Sexual assault can significantly damage the victim. Sexual assault is considered criminal sexual conduct, which is followed by penalties depending on the degree of crime. 

First Degree

If someone has conducted first- a degree of sexual crime, the convict may be faced with a maximum of 30 years in jail and a $40,000 fine. Circumstances involving forceful sexual penetration come under first-degree cases. In such cases, the victims are faced with physical injuries due to the penetration. The convicts were registered sex offenders and were treated as such. After they complete their prison time, a conditional release is provided, which lasts for the remaining life of the convict. 

Second Degree 

Second- degree of sexual crimes involves touching the private body parts of someone sexually without their consent. It includes touching them while they’re fully clothed. The convicts face 25 years of jail and $35,000 as a fine. They are registered as a sex offender and treated as such after they are convicted. After completion of their imprisonment, a conditional release is granted, which lasts for a lifetime. 

Third Degree

A person is charged with a degree of a sexual crime if the crime in question is perpetrated against a juvenile or incapacitated victim. They are faced with 15 years of imprisonment and a $30,000 fine. They are registered as sex offenders and treated as such after conviction. After completion of imprisonment, a conditional release is granted. 

Fourth Degree 

What degree of sexual crimes involves sexual activities that do not involve penetration? The convex surface with 10 years of imprisonment and a $20,000 fine. After conviction, They are registered as a sex offender and treated as such. 

Fifth Degree

The fifth degree of sexual crime involves sexual activities without consent or showcasing private parts in front of minors. The convict surfaced with a maximum $3000 fine and a year in prison. 

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