7 Reasons to Use an Online EMI Calculator


Equated monthly installments or EMI is a convenient method to pay for high-value purchases or investments like a car or even your home. Making regular EMI payments can help you break down the big cost into smaller and manageable payments. Having an emi calculator is a simple tool to help you know and track your EMI outflow. With a few basic details about the loan, you will be able to determine and track your monthly EMI rates. You can input as many as you want. 

Here are a few benefits or reasons on why you should use an EMI calculator:

  1. Accessibility– You can easily access this tool to help calculate your EMIs. Manual calculations will be tedious and time-consuming. There is a huge possibility of errors as well. With an EMI calculator, you can get instant and accurate results saving time and energy on your end. With internet, you can save out on many resources while letting the technology help you. 
  2. Simple to Use– These are user-friendly tools. All you have to provide is basic information about your loan and other details. With the information you provide the online EMI calculator will calculate your payments quickly. It is a simple process and not rocket science even if you are unfamiliar with such software.
  3. Repayment Planning- This allows the borrowers to plan their monetary holdings as they are provided with a clear idea of how much they have to pay each month for the loan. You might have to pay a hefty amount over a two-year time. At a certain interest rate. With your EMI calculator, you will be able to understand these helping you plan your finances.
  4. Accuracy– Manual calculations are tedious and prone to human errors. Having the wrong results can hurt your budget and future planning. With the help of this technology, you wouldn’t have to worry about any formula or recheck any calculations. It will help you compare different loan options from various lenders by inputting the respective details.
  5. Pre-Payment Calculations– Using an EMI calculator can help you understand the benefits of making any prepayment on the loans. For example, a housing loan emi calculator can help make part payments that could reduce the overall loan duration.
  6. Transparency– This tool facilitates transparency between lenders and borrowers. It provides a clear breakdown of all the different EMI components including the different interest amounts. There will be no chance of overlap or mismanagement caused henceforth. It will facilitate planning the repayment later at your convenience.
  7. Financial Education– Anyone can use EMI calculators as an educational tool to understand the workings of EMIs and other loans. Lenders can use these tools to help borrowers understand the terms and conditions of different loan packages they offer. Doing so will help the borrowers make an informed decision.


So, if you have loans and are worried about repayments, you need to use an EMI calculator. This will help simplify the repayment process give you the time and headspace you need, to make informed decisions and facilitate good communication between the potential borrowers and creditors. As information is just a click away, you should make use of these resources that will help make your life easier.

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